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Frontier Personal Fitness Training Programme (FPFTP)
Frontier Fitness and Health M.O.T Frontier Home Training Programmes (FHTP)
Frontier Home Training Programmes (FHTP)
Frontier Gym Training Programmes (FGTP)
Frontier Sport Specific Programmes (FSSP)
Frontier Nutritional Programme (FNP)
Frontier Pre and Post Pregnancy Programme (FPP)
Frontier Fitness and Health Periodised Programme (FFHPP)
Home Trainer

At Frontier personal training we have tried to make your health and fitness an area that is easy to navigate and help bring you a complete package rather than just provide training. As we have been established since 1996 in Brighton and Hove we know that some clients just want to train and only need the motivation and correct direction while others want to not only to train but want to go about their health and fitness in a structured and effective way which guarantees that they are successful.

We are normally the end of yo-yo dieting and failed gym memberships and because of this when you join us then you know that you will get the very best in training and the back-up that you need. We have access to a fantastic team so give up on yo-yo dieting, always making a new NEWS YEAR RESOLUTIONS and having a gym membership that you do not use.

Read through what we offer under Frontier programmes and contact our office.
  Frontier Personal Fitness Training Programme (FPFTP)

The choice is yours, you can train with Frontier once a week or five days a week.  The cost starts at as little as £25-00 for a 30 minute session and varies depending on the amount of training you desire, for one hour the cost is £35-00.

The sessions are based on an hours training and are very specific to each client as frontier understands that everyone enjoys different types and ways of training but always wants the same thing RESULTS!

Many clients have been with us for many years and enjoy the level of service and know that they will always be motivated and have the comfort that they will always have a Frontier trainer to be there on time and do all the thinking for them.
Frontier Fitness and Health M.O.T Frontier Home Training Programmes (FHTP)
The fitness and health MOT is designed by Frontier to give the client a rounded picture of their basic fitness and health levels. The MOT involves helping the client understand the functioning of their heart when at rest and exercising, mobility and flexibility level, basic strength levels etc. The client will have a full report and consultation to go over the areas of the MOT.
  Frontier Home Training Programmes (FHTP)
Many of our clients need at some point an extra training programme that can be used when away on holiday or as extra training to their one to one session. The home training programme is designed to your individual needs and involves a consultation, programme planning and guided orientation of programme.
Fee: £40-00 Frontier Gym Training Programmes (FGTP)
The gym programme is designed to be used at a gym and follows whatever the client needs from a specific programme. The programme follows the same process as the home programme but is designed with gym equipment being used and targeted specifically at the aims of the client.
Fee: £50-00
Frontier Sport Specific Programmes (FSSP)
Aimed at sports enthusiasts who want to train to improve their personal sporting performance whether that is golf, tennis or sailing. Any sport is catered for and starts with a needs analysis by the trainer of the sport and the client. The initial programme can be based at home or for gym training environment.
Fee: £ VARIOUS – contact for range of options
  Frontier Nutritional Programme (FNP)
The nutritional programme involves a comprehensive look at the clients needs and follows a complete analysis of the diet after following a day-by-day look at present nutritional intake. Advice is on hand for weight management, weight loss or weight gain.  The programme is specific so please contact the office for more advice.
Fee: £75-00
Frontier Pre and Post Pregnancy Programme (FPP)
Training advice and programmes for the pre and post part of pregnancy. You tell us what you what and we will provide you with the complete programme including getting back into shape after having a baby and also advice on nutrition and exercise concerns.
  Frontier Fitness and Health Periodised Programme (FFHPP)
The periodised programme provides the client with a schedule over a set time span. For someone who wants to be more precise on training goals or is training for a specific event like the marathon then this will be your training bible specifically to you.
A home trainer for all your needs
One to one personal training. It’s easy, professional tuition and training by professional and insured trainers in

All sessions are carried at your home so your need no equipment and just a space. We can perform the session in limited space so you do not need a lot of space or a gym.

Home Trainer was designed to fit around busy lifestyles or where circumstances have changed and you need to train with a limited amount of time available.
To book a session follow the five steps below and you will be on your way!

– Phone or email Frontier on the office line. 07970 686054 or email

STEP 2 – We will speak to you then or if you email we will give you a ring at a more convient time for yourself.

STEP 3 – We will talk you through any questions and book a time for a trainer to come and visit so you meet the trainer and feel comfortable with each other. Having the right trainer is crucial to success. This is the time to go through any important questions that you need to ask. You are not obliged to book any sessions this is just a consultation.

STEP 4 – If you feel ready to go you will book the first session with your trainer

STEP 5 – First Session – You will be eased into the first session which is designed to your individual needs regardless how fit you are.
FrontierFitness have devised and designed a unique training system for New Mums.

The Cardio-Buggy training system is aimed at mums to train and interact with their babies.

Getting back into exercise is always hard after having a baby so we have designed 45 minute training sessions which allows you to exercise with your baby in a fun and very interactive way.

CardioBuggy will allow you to tighten and tone your body with resistance training and work on your core and functional stability to give you flatter abs and a stronger back.

All you need is yourself and your baby. Sessions start at a low intensity and build up as your fitness improves.

You can start by taking having a trial session for £5-00 and all you need to do is email or phone the office on 01273 702 662 to book your place.

After your first session you pay for blocks of six weeks and you can train once or twice a week.
Six weeks (Once a week) - £36-00
Six weeks (Twice a week) -£65-00

There is No joining fee and you get a free resistance band after your first session!

If you are interested in taking part in a session or asking more questions the look through the FAQ or contact us on 07970686054.


How do I start?
You can take part in a trial session for £5-00 and see if CardioBuggy is for you and then if you enjoy the session which we are sure you will then you pay for six weeks.

What do I need?
All you need is a pram with your baby and to wear exercise clothes. Lightweight smaller pushchairs are not recommended due to sometimes rougher terrain. Please ring if not sure about this.

Where do the sessions take place?

Hove Park, Hove Lawns and St. Ann’s Well gardens

When do the sessions take place?

Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays
Times: 10-30am or 12 pm (Midday)

How long are the sessions?
The sessions are 45 minutes.

Aim of sessions
To get you fit or back to fitness with a big emphasis on bonding with your baby and having FUN. It also gives you a chance to meet other mums..
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