Sport Injury

Our sport injury department is based on a network of therapists from Sport Therapists to Osteopaths.

We advice our clients on the correct treatments and where the best place is to correct the problem. From our experience this saves money and time for us and our clients.

We deal with injuries such as
  • tendon strains,
  • muscle pain,
  • ligament damage
  • joint problems
  • back ache and pain
  • cartilage problems,
  • impact injuries
  • Shoulder ache or tightness
  • Lower back problems
  • posture adjustment
  • muscle inbalance
  • inflammation of tendons or muscles,
  • nerve problems and chronic injuries.
We also can provide Musclo-Skeletal Screening and Health M.O.T's which can be booked at the head office so please phone for an appointment 

Sports Massage Therapy

Email or phone to book a sport massage
Monday to Saturday
30 minutes - £25-00
60 minutes - £35-00

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